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Last Update: 6/19/2020 8:00:00 PM

Welcome to AOE Clothing store!

I'm Halle - A freelance designer. Realizing the growing use of t-shirts along with basic t-shirts is now no longer popular when there are so many unique designs appearing on the market. From that idea plus the fact that I have knowledge of design with a passion for trading, I decided to set up a clothing store and with the goal of selling clothes designed by myself. Designs and colors are different from most of the shirts on the market.


Our store has a huge advantage when it has a background in design, no need to hire workers, so the price will be cheaper than most other stores on the market. Hopefully, with the shirt sold at a stable price, everyone in the world can own unique and beautiful shirts to confidently show their personality to the crowd.


Halle - Founder AOE !

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